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Hi, I’m Orochi. At the moment I’m working on revamps and improving my art. I’m an OG and a big wiki contributor- I don’t know for sure but at the time of writing I have a little more than 5,000 edits, which is probably the most edits of everyone here.

All art on my pages is done by me unless stated otherwise.

✨Psst, check out the Art tab on my profile for art request info! Reqs are open :)


Too many bad ideas, lmk if you want to make a collab oc from these lmao

  • Qingyi: Member of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, and a reincarnation of a fallen deity of the Archon War.
  • Yuexiu: Matchmaker residing in Cangco. Incarnation of one half of the soul of a celestial phoenix-being. Unlike the other half, who strives to find the other, she seeks to instead bring other lovers together as she found out that they were cursed to never find each other.
  • Yeoubi: First pureborn human in a dwindling clan of kumiho and the head shamaness of the Taeyangsin Shrine.
  • Xunqian: Entertainer at the Yanshang Teahouse, who gambles for souls in hopes of gambling back all nine fragments of his own.
  • Jakuta: Natlan’s local Electro dilf
  • Aika: A mistakenly created broken puppet left abandoned in Khaenri’ah, she was “fixed” through Khemia arts and now tries to spread her twisted ideal of perfection to the world.
  • Tallulah: The mixologist of Dulces Noches Cafe.


  • Sonya: Heiress to the Yelinov clan buried deep beneath the ground because of an incident that made her uncontrollable, she was touched by the Ley Lines and re-emerged to serve a higher purpose.
  • Elodie: The dead captain of a ghost ship, Elodie sails the Marie Celeste towards the goal that she had died for- journeying past Teyvat and into the world beyond.

Future adoptions

  • Nuwa
  • Vianne
  • One of the Amemiya sisters

Character Drafts

  • Étienne Brodeur: Oceanid-blessed tailor who sews clothes that can come to life.
  • Despoina: Hexenzirkel witch based off the Major Arcana/Tarot cards.
  • Odette (Odile): Ballerina. Based from the twin swans
  • Xuechuan architect themed after Feng Shui. Geomancy
  • Xuechuan painter based off the Magic Brush; my persona ;)
  • Hibari: Waitress at the Ningyo Traveling Tea House.
  • Snake-themed Eremite mercenary.
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