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Amane Lotus (Japanese: 甘音 蓮 Amane Rotasu) is an Anemo character created by Tulipanlove·

She is the protector of Kamisato Ayaka, as well as her best friend. She was once an idol full of love, but her parents died in a strange accident which made the Kamisato Clan raise her as a protector and forget her dreams. She is also the lost little sister of Gostuo Sakura.

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"A girl who once dreamed about bringing happiness to other people. Even though she got orphaned at a late age, she was badly hurt and couldn't find a job that would give her the money to buy a house. Afterwards, Kamisato Ayaka got permission to let her stay in her home. She was left with two options: to stay in the clan at the price of sealing her dream away or stay in the streets, trying to catch up with a foolish dream. Even though she wanted to escape, the Electro Archon gave her an Anemo Vision so now she can stay strong and fight back."



She always stays happy no matter the situation. Apparently, she had a hard past full of broken dreams along with a sealed hope.

Even though Lotus seems like a quiet person, she opens her mouth like she never stops. She is usually shy and doesn't speak before Ayaka does. She is a very polite girl and she really cares about other people's mental and physical state. On the contrary you wouldn't like when she is mad, when she is like that she is just the definition of madness. She learned thanks to her training of how to be a fighter but she also knows how to clean and make food. She enjoys hanging out with friends and watching the sakura petals fall during Hanami season.


Lotus is a 17-year old girl with brown hair tied with two red ribbons, with one having a bun. She has almond brown eyes with a slight pink blush underneath the eye sockets. Her attire consists of a breast plate with the Kamisato Clan's symbol on it.

She is seen wearing an armor on her right shoulder along with a Tomesode kimono that was made with one of Ayaka's old skirts. Her other arm has a puffy sleeve with a Cherry Blossom on it, with the skirt resembling Ayaka's. She has white, knee-length socks decorated with flowers, with the main having a longer petal with an Anemo symbol.

Combat Info


Icon Name Type
Kamisato Art: Blue Starfall Normal Attack
Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 ( 7 since counts 2-3 and 6-7 as the same ) consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged Attack: Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. When fully indwelt, "Blue Starfall" shall deal immense Anemo DMG.

Plunging Attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Kamisato Art: Blessing of the Wind Elemental Skill
Tap: Creates a small current of wind that pushes enemies away dealing Anemo DMG.

Hold: Creates a larger Wind Current that deals increased AoE Anemo DMG.

Tap in mid air: When used in mid-air, Lotus moves forward.

Talent Kamisato Art- Tears of Passion.png
Kamisato Art: Gekka's wish. Elemental Burst
"The moon reflects and the flowers shine, aftter all... no one will remmeain when dawn breaks"

Creates two blooming flowers, creating a field of falling petals launching surrounding opponents and dealing Anemo DMG.

At the same time, she instantly regenerates a large amount of HP for all party members.


  • Countiniosly regenerates HP of characters on the field.
  • Deals Anemo Dmg. to opponets that get hitted by the petals.
Price of Life 1st Ascension Passive
If a Critical Hit is performed with "Kamisato Art: Blue Starfall". 25% of every party member's HP is regenerated. Can only be triggered every 10s.
Viridescent Prayers 4th Ascension Passive
While Tears Of Passion Is active, Hydro, Anemo and Dendro characters will gain a 45% ATK boost.
Talent 'O-once again?'.png
"Once Again?" Utility Passive
When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with Stamina Boosting effects, Lotus has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.
"Sakura No Hana Secret Art: Rapid Strike" Utility Passive
Lotus dosen't need to wait for firing charged attack. That means that if you go to aimed shot mode she will just fire an anemo infused arrow.


Ascencion phase Level Mora Character Ascencion Meterials Local Specialities Common Materials
1 20/40 20,000 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x1 Sakura Bloom x3 Firm Arrowhead x3
2 40/50 40,000 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x3

Hurricane Seed x2

Sakura Bloom x10 Firm Arrowhead x15
3 50/60 60,000 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x6

Hurricane Seed x4

Sakura Bloom x20 Sharp Arrowhead x12
4 60/70 80,000 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x3

Hurricane Seed x8

Sakura Bloom x30 Sharp Arrowhead x18
5 70/80 100,000 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x6

Hurricane Seed x12

Sakura Bloom x45 Weathered Arrowhead x12
6/max 80/90 120.000 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x6

Hurricane Seed x20

Sakura Bloom x60 Weathered Arrowhead x24


Level Icon Name Effect
Sakura's Chijoku Lotus burst will heal all party members bassed on max HP. When Lotus dies the next party member while have a 50% dmg bonnus.
Dance of Ochiba When Lotus' HP falls bellow 60% she will automatically gain a shield that has the following effects:
  • Absorbs 50% of physical and elemental Dmg
  • Absorbs 250% of Anemo Dmg

While in the protection of the shield, Lotus will gain a 30% Physical Dmg bonus with a 50% Anemo DMG bonus.

Anemo Constellation (Jean c5).png
Seinaru miko Increases the level of Tears Of Passion by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Constellation Chaotic Entropy.webp
Seiiki no oath If a party member falls in battle, they will revive if Lotus performs a critical hit with her burst.

This effect can only be active every 10 minutes.

Kami koibito ( Venti0s Passive ).png
Kami koibito Increases the level of Blessing of the Wind by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The First and last Shirasagi Himegimi protector ( Kazuha's C6 ).png
The First and last Shirasagi Himegimi protector. If Lotus performs a CRIT with her elemental skill, she will gain an Anemo DMG and CRIT Rate bonus increassed by 75% for 30 seconds and her CRIT DMG increased by 100% for 25 seconds.

Additionally, Lotus can also perform CRIT healing that scales based on CRIT DMG.

She can also get an Elemental Infusion that will gave her a 75% Anemo DMG and will infuse her arrows in Anemo is her arrows perfom a crt. This effect will last for 60 seconds.

Event wishes

Amane Lotus was promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 1 Event Wishes:

Image Name Featured
Blossom of Rebirth/2022-1-12


  • The Sakura petal is related to her idol counterpart, so the title 'Fading Sakura Petal' refers to her idol counterpart fading away by time.
  • Her constellation, Flos Lunae, is Latin for 'Flower of the Moon'.
  • She is practicing Kamisato Art: Senho to impress Ayaka.
  • She can walk in the air at some degree.
  • She is the creator of a bow-centered attack (I don't know how to put this).
  • Lotus and Seiko are dating.
  • When sprinting Lotus turns to a Swarm of Petals at the beging. This makes her the 2nd character to do this, aftter Hu Tao.


  • 'Chijoku' is translated to 'Disgrace'
  • 'Ochiba' translates to 'Fallen leaves'
  • 'Seinaru' translates to 'Sacred'
  • 'Sekii no' translates to 'Shrien's'
  • 'Kami Kobito' tranlates to 'God's lover'
  • 'Amane' means 'Sweet'
  • 'Kaze', her real name, means 'Wind'
  • 'Sakura no Hana' means 'Cherry Blossom'
  • 'Gekka' is litterally translated to "The glowing flower of the moon"


  • When C6 is active, it will be shonw as a tipe of ceremonial garmet made of Anemo in Lotus back.

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